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Services We Provide
Dable Inc. is a world-class big data processing company consisted of professionals with 10+ years of experience in top tech companies. Our system automatically enhances the recommendation quality by reflecting the user’s behavior to the recommendation results. 

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Dable News
Dable News allows users to stay longer in the site by recommending customized news tailored to their interest.
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Dable Native Ad.
Dable Native Ad delivers customized ads that are designed to look like contents to the largest media network.
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A fast-growing global content discovery platform generating over 28 billion impressions a month
Dable has inventories from multiple countries/regions such as Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hongkong and Thailand. More than 3,000 media are using Dable's solution.
28 Billion
No. of impressions per month
No. of affiliated media companies
High traffic and advertising earnings
Many potential customers consider personalization technology and native ads as effective profit models in increasing preference and user attention.
  • Detailed targeting by interest, region, medium, time of day, etc.

  • 3,000 major media in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hongkong and Thailand.

  • Real-time performance check and repeated clicks prevention system

  • Applying recommendation widget within 2 hours and powerful A/B test feature

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The best technology team
Dable’s technology team has the highest level of competence and rich experience from top tech companies such as Naver, NCSOFT and SK Planet.



Dable owns the best quality of personalization technology that finds content or products customized for each individual’s interests and region, etc.

Machine learning

Dable is using machine learning technology to automatically improve the recommendation quality by reflecting the user’s behavior again to the recommendation result.


Dable automatically optimizes media, time, and targeting to help advertisers achieve maximum efficiency.

Always stand in the first place
Dable provides the best services based on the core values of Independent, Lean and Data-driven.
Powerful media network

You can meet the wide-range media network in multiple Asian countries/regions through Dable solution.

More specific targeting

You can target more specifically by interest, region, media, and time of day.

Convenient advertising operation

It's convenient to operate the service through the real-time confirmation of clicks on your ads and overlapping click prevention system.