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Free recommendation service plus advertising earnings

Experience profit increase through PV increase per person with the real-time personalization recommendation technology unique to Dable. You can apply the highest level of personalization recommendation service by inserting simple scripts.

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Personalization Recommendation?

Personalization means to offer customized recommendation by analyzing visitor’s behavior. Dable’s personalized recommendations are exposed 12 billion cases per month.

Dable's Recommendation Algorithms

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Personalized News

Analyze visitors’ news reading patterns, extract interests, and provide personalized news in real time.

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Related News

We analyze the contents of the news together with the user’s log, and provide the news related to the selected news in real time.

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Ranked News

Most viewed news now, today, from the category are provided collectively.

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Advantage 1.
Users view more articles.

By generating more than 4 times clicks in the same area compared to the previous popular articles, the PV per person by media increases. (PC 3~5%, Mobile 7~ 10%)

Advantage 2.
The life cycle of an article becomes longer.

Through the personalized recommendation of Dable, the life cycle of an article becomes longer and the consumption of articles consumed in a day increases by providing articles which users may be interested in although it’s not exposed much. (15% ~47%) “



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