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Key to achieving 30% increase in sales
Return Q
Dable is capable of bringing high conversion performance for campaigns targeting seniors
We could easily make use of our content-type landing page as our ad was displayed on the Recommended Article section. Moreover, the quality of our lead was very high which was helpful in increasing sales. This also opened a new opportunity for us to expand our marketing reach to native ads from a traditional one such as home shopping and newspapers. 

Kim Chan-ho | Marketing Headquarters, Onenessbio
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Getting conversions from senior target audiences
As the company's main target was people in their 40s and 50s, they had to deliver the message on Return Q in a most natural way by using a content-type ad format. Also, as their landing page was an article-type which collects lead from users, the need for a native ad that is displayed on the Recommended Articles section was greater than a general banner ad.
Step-by-step optimization based on A/B tests
Since the ad was displayed on the Recommended Articles section, we made content to include all the advantages of Return Q to engage more potential customers. More than 3 creatives were included in one campaign to perform continuous A/B tests and figure out which one had the highest performance. We added scripts in the landing page to find out which media site showed low performance in conversion and excluded them from the campaign for efficient campaign management.
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Reduced cost per conversion and increased sales
Return Q's cost per conversion (lead collection, CPA) decreased by 20% compared to existing ads, and its sales has increased by 30% compared to past. 
CPA decreased by 20%
Sales has increased by 30%