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Increasing Conversion Rate for Dietary Supplements
D'zero king
We could optimize our exposure based on conversion performance, not the number of clicks
" The world seems to have evolved into an era of discovery platform from the era of search in the past. In this era, Dable is the right choice for ad platform. We could optimize our ad exposure by selecting media/sites and controlling CPCs based on conversion performance, not the number of clicks. We will continue to run Dable’s native ad as our essential marketing channel. "

Lee Je-In | Advertising Planning Team, TheJoenMedia
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Collecting DB
from potential customers and increase sales
DZERO-KING is a premium dietary supplement providing a quick, easy and healthy way of losing weight. DZERO-KING had concerns on how to send its message on this most popular subject to people. While looking at various advertising choices including search and social media ads, DZERO-KING came across Dable, who provided contents discovery platform. DZERO-KING’s goal was to lead potential customers to its landing page and obtain their DB.
Check performance by using scripts and increase CPC per media
To optimize conversion, DZERO-KING installed Dable script in its landing page to check performance in click and DB collection. After that, it increased CPC for media that showed higher than average performance and excluded those that showed lower performance. With this tactic DZERO-KING could collect more DB while running more efficient ad campaigns.
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Higher conversion rate and sales
The conversion rate of DB collection was twice than that of other DA channels and native media. 
Conversion rate of sales also turned out to be higher than that of other channels.
DB Conversion Rate 2X Higher Than Other Channels