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Dable Native Ad FAQ

Native Ad Eligibility

The following criteria must be met for partnership with Dable.

  1. 1.

    Amount of Content

    Dable platform exposes the content of your site and ads altogether within the widget. Therefore, it requires more than 100 articles in order for recommendation to work properly.

  2. 2.

    Quality of Content

    Dable uses text-rich content as an important criterion for partnership to provide accurate analysis and recommendation. With the same reason, it’s difficult to partner with site that is using same article in multiple sites, or content that is based on image screenshots, which does not comply with the Dable Guidelines.

  3. 3.


    Dable analyzes your website’s content and online user behaviors to recommend personalized content and ads. To provide high quality recommendations, you need a minimum amount of traffic to use the service meaningfully.

Native Ad Setup Process

Please find Dable Native Ad Setup Process below.

  1. Step 1: Native Ad Eligibility Review

    If you apply through the homepage, we will review your website within a few days. Please send us the URL of the website you are running and the daily PV if you would like to reduce time. The review includes the amount of content, quality, the uniqueness, the number of online ads used, traffic, and so on.

  2. Step 2: Application Review & Setup Guideline

    Once your application is approved, we will email you a Dable Dashboard account for performance review and a guideline for settings. You need to insert the log collection script and meta tag into your site and respond when you are finished.

  3. Step 3: Data Collection

    In order to understand the interests of your site users and to analyze site content, 2~5 days are required depending on the user traffic. Please note that if your traffic is below the threshold, you will not be able to proceed.

  4. Step 4. Widget Script Installation

    After collecting your data, we will send you a “widget”. Once you insert the widget script on your website, it will be automatically display content recommendation and native ads.

  5. Step 5: Term of Service

    If you are an individual, you will be required to agree to the Terms of Service when you first access the dashboard provided by Dable. If you are a business, you will sign a separate contract with Dable. Also, please fill in your payment information in the dashboard for future payments.

Log Script FAQ

Please read the following sections carefully to apply Dable service.

  1. Q.

    How can I check if the meta tag and log collection scripts are set correctly?

    Copy one of the URL of your blog content, and go to the URL Debugger. Change the ‘Service Type’ to the blog, paste the copied URL, and click OK. If there is any part in red, it means the tag corresponding to that part is not inserted properly. If you see a red background, please check the part again.

  2. Q.

    What are the common mistakes?

    ImportantThere are many errors in setting log collection scripts and meta tags.

    1. If the format of the double quote (” “) is different

    2. If there is a typing error such as typing dable into able

    3. You entered a code and tag in an incorrect location.

    The examples are not limited to the above case. If the URL debugger shows any part in red, please take a closer look at the above cases as well as other possibilities.

Effective Native Ad Usage

Check out Dable’s TIP to improve your revenue.

  1. 1.

    Widget Placement

    If you place the widget at the bottom of the content, you can increase the PV per person by increasing the ‘widget reach’.

  2. 2.

    A/B Test Feature

    Try A/B test to find the best UI depending on your goal between traffic and revenue. Small change can make a big impact!

Payment Process

  1. Q.

    Is there anything I need to do for payment?

    Go to the Dable Dashboard and click on the ‘Ad Performance > Payment’ section on the left. Please upload the information of the person in charge of payment, a copy of bankbook, and a copy of Business Registration or ID.

  2. Q.

    When am I paid?

    Payment will be made at the mid of the following month for advertising revenue accrued in that month. For example, the revenue generated in January will be paid on February 15th, and the revenue generated in February will be paid on March 15th.

  3. Q.

    Are there any payment thresholds?

    The payment threshlod is 100,000 KRW (or equivalent amount in each country). If your ad revenue is less than the threshold, you’ll be credited after you reach your payment threshold.

Dable Service Policy

Please be aware of these program policies to maintain long term partnership and build healthy ecosystem.

  1. Q.

    Are there penalties for invalid clicks on your ads?

    Dable analyzes “invalid clicks” to protect both publishers and advertisers. Invalid click activity is clicks or impressions intended to increase advertisers’ costs or a publishers’ earnings. Invalid activity includes intentional fraudulent traffic as well as unintentional clicks. The following examples are invalid clicks, which may result in termination of the service.

    1. Clicks or impressions generated by a publisher

    2. Repeated clicks or impressions generated by one or more users

    3. Encouraging clicks on their ads (e.g., a language that encourages users to click on ads, and implementation that can lead to a large number of unintended clicks, etc.)

    4. Automated click tools or traffic sources, bot activities, or other deceptive software.

    Invalid activity includes, but is not limited to the above examples. Please be careful not to generate any invalid click as CPC can be dropped if repeated invalid clicks are detected frequently.

  1. Q.

    Is there content guidelines?

    In order to continue using the services of Dable, please adhere to the content guidelines. You can not use the Dable service if

    1. Uploading sensitive content (adult, drugs, illegal content, etc.)

    2. Copying the same content across multiple sites that are not unique to that site

    Guideline violation includes, but is not limited to the above examples.

  1. Q.

    Is there a service termination situation?

    Here are some examples.

    1. If you violate the Content Guidelines by uploading sexually explicit or illegal content after partnering with Dable.

    2. If traffic drops and conditions are not met

    3. If invalid clicks or suspicious behaviors occurs

    Please note that the termination conditions are not limited to the above cases.