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Dable News Setup Guide

1. Dashboard Login

Log in from the dashboard below.
(If you've forgotten password, please send an email to


2. Adding meta tag on article pages

1) If you refer to, you will find the necessary tags as below.


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2) You do not need to add tags that have already been inserted. Those tags are standard tags, and it is helpful for both search engine optimization and social.


3) These meta tags must be placed before the log collection script. We recommend that you put it before </ head>.


4) Once you've added the required meta tags and body tags, you can use the meta tag test at the bottom of the page to see if the relevant tags have been successfully added.


If all the tags are successfully inserted, it will be displayed as below.


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3. item_id

dable: item_id must contain a unique value that identifies the article, and may be a combination of numbers and letters. However, the ID defined here must be the same value on PC and mobile.


Example 1
Mobile URL :


<meta property="dable:item_id" content="318745">


Example 2
Mobile URL :


<meta property="dable:item_id" content="2015111202028">


Example 3
Mobile URL :


<meta property="dable:item_id" content="nNewsNumb=20151118734&nidx=18735">


4. Inserting a log collection script throughout the site

When you log in, the following log collection script guide appears.


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You can add this script to the entire site. Usually, you can add to the entire site's header file. When the script is inserted, it will automatically collect logs from the site.
You should put the log collection script throughout the site, not just the article pages. We need to collect site-wide logs such as main page, search page, category page, etc. to provide accurate personalized recommendation to users and provide accurate statistical information to publishers. If you're using Google Analytics, you can embed it in a place where Google Analytics script is inserted.
After you insert the log collection script, you can check the log collection status in real-time at


5. Mobile - Adding log collection script and meta tag information

Basically, the guide is the same as the PC, and in the log collection script section,


dable('setService', '');


you can change this part as shown below.


dable('setService', '');


Mobile service_name can also be configured as described in the service guide. Please note that the service_name value set in 'setService' may differ from the actual mobile domain.


6. After inserting the log collection script and meta tag

If the work is done successfully, we will suggest a recommendation widget design within a week.
Once you have reviewed it, Dable will work on to finalize the widget creation process.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact


7. Frequently asked questions

1) For dable('setService', ****);, You need to have a different service name on your PC and mobile. If you enter the same service name, the log is gathered to one side and proper analysis can't be conducted.


2) For og: image, please enter the thumbnail address where CDN is applied. We recommend images below 800 x 600. If the image is too large, the cost of sending the image may increase dramatically.


3) If you need to have a logo in your og:image, you can add the thumbnail address to dable: image instead of og: image.


4) Likewise, if the name of site should be included in your og:title, you can add it to dable:title instead of og:title.


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