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A Beauty Company Achieving
Unprecedented Sales Record
Crazy skin
With the influx of new customers, we could achieve the highest sales record ever.
When considering customer LTV, securing new customers is always a concern for marketers. Dable stepped up as a problem solver with its wide media network including Chosun, Joongang and Hankyoreh. With large number of new customers visiting our website through Dable, we were able to achieve the biggest sales record ever. We have been partnering with Dable for the past two years and Dable has provided us with distinct benefits compared to other ad media. We expect Dable to expand their media network further.

Kim Ga-hee  |  Marketing Team, CRAZY SKIN
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Obtaining DB
from potential customers and induce purchase 
CRAZY SKIN is a cosmetic brand developed by a few experts based on their expertise on global cosmetics.
CRAZY SKIN ran ads on typical marketing channels but was having difficulty in securing new customers. As such, it aimed to expand the ad inventory by partnering with Dable which had 1,500 premium media in its network. The main purpose was to attract potential customers who were interested in skin care and lead them to actual purchase.
Interest targeting and media selection
We defined the interest of potential customers and exposed ads to users who had the same interest or in articles with relevant contents. After the click occurred, we identified which media had lower performance through performance analysis and excluded them.
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Increase in new customers and sales
As CRAZY SKIN had seasonal cosmetic products, more new customers visited the site during specific seasons,
compared to other social media or channels. Purchase conversion rate was 50~70 percent higher than that of other channels.

70% Higher Purchase Conversion Rate Compared to Other Channels