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Dable Setting Guide for Wordpress

Apply Dable's Personalized Recommendation and Native Ad easily!


1. Download 'Dable for Wordpress' Plugin

Go to the WordPress admin page, click ‘Plugins’, then ‘Add New’. Then download the plugin by searching for ‘Dable for WordPress’.

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2. Settings

 Once you’ve downloaded the plugin, please complete the following steps.

1. Please insert the name of the service we send you via email into Desktop and Mobile, respectively. If only one service ID (e.g., responsive site) was provided, please insert this on the higher traffic side.

2. Select the check box accordingly depending on whether the site is Responsive or Desktop/Mobile.

※ Please opt-in for ‘Open Graph Tag Setting’ and ‘Content Wrapper Setting’ check boxes.

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3. Contact Dable after completion

Please refer to the FAQ at the bottom of the page. Make sure that you inserted the 1) meta tag and 2) log collection script correctly. Once you’ve completed verification, please contact Dable team and we’ll send you a recommendation widget script.

How can I check if the meta tag and log collection scripts are set correctly?

Meta Tag Verification

Copy one of the URL of your blog content, and go to the URL Debugger at Change the 'Service Type' to the blog, paste the copied URL, and click OK. If there is any part in red, it means the tag corresponding to that part is not inserted properly. If you see a red background, please check the part again.


Log Collection Script Verification

Login to the Dable dashboard and click 'Log Status' on the left. If the logs are coming in real time, the log collection script has been applied properly. If not, please review log collection script.